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Beginners & Intermediate Swing Dance lessons with Gaia

+ Beginners: 
+ Our beginners workshops are perfect for those who want to start right from the start! Learn the basic steps and moves of Swing Dancing to get you on the right foot! Gaia teaches tips and tricks to make your floor craft go smooth on the social dance floor. This is a great class to meet some cool people and learn the core elements of one of the best dances in town! Bring your friends too! 

+ Intermediate: 
+ These intermediate courses are not for the faint of heart! A good grasp of 8 count Lindy Hop is required.
We cover some wicked spins, some complex conceptual elements of Lindy Hop and work on tightening up those moves. You will leave with an arsenal of cool twists and turns and feeling more confident in your technique and physical language of Lindy Hop.
** More details of upcoming classes will be posted soon.

For more information please E-mail:

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